We are a group of thinkers and makers whose collective experience brings together design, craft, brand strategy and blockchain technology.

Creativity drives everything
we do - in web3 and beyond.

The Modern People ethos is about leading with creativity, taking informed risks, and flawless execution.

We apply this philosophy to our process whether we are developing our own IP, partnering with brands, content creators, or other artists. 

Our Team

Modern People brings together the creative talents of Can Misirlioglu, Tolga Yildiz, Sylvain Tron and advisor Thomas Rush of ConsenSys Mesh. After years of on-and-off collaboration at various creative agencies, content studios and early stage web3 ventures, the partners united to realize the potential of this new, uncharted territory.

Their expertise with blockchain technology and NFTs, paired with their decades of experience, make them ideal sparring partners for all things web3.


Creative Strategy

Concept Development



Tech Development

Roadmap DESIGN

Community Management